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My name is Neil and I've been collected Warhammer since I was at school, this website has been around in one form or another since then. I collect Warhammer for both the gaming and model making aspects of the hobby. The main article on this site is the instructions on how to scratch build an Empire Steam Tank, but I hope you also enjoy the galleries of my various armies and the rest of my site. I do web development for a living so every so often I give this site a revamp. Hopefully this explains my interest in creating this website and I hope you find the site interesting. To enjoy this website fully please ensure JavaScript is enabled. I've tested the website in IE7 and above, and the latest versions of Firefox and Google Chrome so I hope it works well for you.

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Steam Tank

How to Build an Empire Steam Tank

I have an interest in model making and have scratch built scenery as well as an Empire Steam Tank. I built two Steam Tanks, one blue and red to match my army and the other using gold, silver and copper leaf - shiny! I built my first steam tank without documenting it, I later decided to make a Warhammer website on the Steam Tank but I didn't have any photos of the build process so thought I better make another! Here I have documented how to scratch build an Empire Steam Tank using balsa wood and clay. Following these instructions you should be able to build your own.

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You can view my armies in the gallery section. I collect three Warhammer armies, my main army being my Empire Army but I also have a sizeable Orc and Goblin and High Elf army. I also have Imperial and Chaos Battlefleet Gothic armies. Included in the gallery are some Dwarfs which I painted for a friend and some of my Dogs of War units. I first started collecting Warhammer with my Dad who painted the Orcs and Goblins, and some of the High Elves as well as Golgfags Ogres.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to my Artistic Advisor Leah Schofield for help with the website design.